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Why Whole Body Health & Fitness Centre?

At A Glance

Our Mission at Whole Body Health & Fitness Centre is to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to our members, our clients and our community.


We believe in providing the essentials for a healthy body; both on the inside and the outside; using holistic nutrition and fitness protocols; allowing you to take the natural approach to health and wellness.  


And, we give you all of the tools necessary so you take full responsibility for your health using natural methods.

Whole Body Health & Fitness Centre is a wellness studio.  


Partners Karen & Richard Insley are both professionals in the health/wellness/fitness industry and they provide a full compliment of health and fitness services; including personal fitness training, nutrition classes and counseling, Hatha Yoga and group fitness classes.  We feel these are a good combination of services because as a person becomes interested in one aspect of a healthier lifestyle, it naturally leads to interest in other phases, and we feel the components we offer are part of a larger healthy lifestyle continuum.